The Child Health Association Tasmania (CHAT) is a statewide organisation that aims to connect, support, educate and inspire Tasmanian families.


CHAT grew out of the early twentieth-century movement to improve the health and welfare of the nation. It was formed in 1917 with a common aim to reduce the high infant death rate. The Association sought to do this by education and intervention. By 1918 it had established the first child health clinic in Hobart.


2017 will mark the 100 year anniversary of the Child Health Association Tasmania. We are proud that, over the last 98 years, we have continually evolved to stay relevant and meet the needs of Tasmanian families.


As a leading Tasmanian authority on promoting the health and social needs of children and their families we operate to:

  • offer educational programs that enhance the health and wellbeing of Tasmanian children and their families;

  • advocate for responses to key primary health care issues, offer resources, strategies,

    friendship and support to new and existing members;

  • educate and support families using the practical experience of other families and peer


  • provide positive and inclusive opportunities for children and their families to come together.


Our pram walking, playgroups, information sessions, resource libraries, retailer discounts and facilities like The Haven are some of the ways that we support Tasmanian families. Our memorandum of understanding with the Child Health and Parenting Service (CHaPS) means we are often the first contact for families with newborns and consequently develop generational relationships aimed at promoting the health and social needs of children and their families.


Statistics and Reach

In 2015 CHAT’s paid membership peaked at 918 Tasmanian families. Membership numbers combined with our large social media presence and unique position in the sector means our reach and engagement of families is significant. We currently have 9432 ‘Likes’ across our four Facebook ‘Pages’ and 3074 members of our regional moderated online forums. Facebook posts regularly have a reach of 4000+ readers. Our online forums are moderated to a strict code of conduct to ensure they are safe spaces for members to interact and express the euphoria and frustrations that is parenting.


Benefits of Sponsorship

Potential benefits for a sponsor are generally greater exposure and a positive association with CHAT, including:

  • Opportunities to demonstrate the company's business principles.

  • Increased staff morale and pride through association with a ‘worthwhile’ service.

  • Naming opportunities (eg for event, publications or facilities).

  • Public relations benefits, including invitations to events.

  • General corporate image/profile raising through philanthropic activity.

  • Signage

  • Direct engagement of the CHAT membership base and Facebook audience


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Child Health Association Tasmania thanks our major sponsor Tassie Kids Dental for their ongoing support.
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