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Business Connect aims to provide and enhance knowledge and skills by encouraging, supporting and providing professional development opportunities for our members. We achieve this through networking events, enlightening speakers, informative seminars and exclusive social media forums.


Hobart Mums Network first held a forum featuring local mumpreneurs in July 2012. A short time later, Hobart Mums Network hosted a Mumpreneurs Boot Camp. Boot Camp participants then had two months to put into practice what they learned before they featured at a market hosted by Hobart Mums Network. These early participants formed a bond and used Facebook to connect, encourage, and inspire one another.

In 2014, Hobart Mums Network joined the Child Health Association Tasmania. This opened up our services to other business mums throughout all regions of Tasmania broadening our scope for inspiration.


Business Connect believes that networking is about developing business relationships, sharing knowledge, experience, and supporting others. We acknowledge that networking is not the same as selling, but believe that over time, building relationships with other local mums in business may generate referrals. Please do not advance private interest at the expense of other members.

Respect and Privacy
It is essential to treat other Business Connect members with respect, fairness and in good faith. Bullying and harassment will not be tolerated. Each member has a right to privacy and confidentiality in regards to the personal/business information they wish to disclose within the group. We respect the property of other members and of the venues we attend for Business Connect events. Personal beliefs should not interfere with fair representation.

Business Promotion Guidelines
Child Health Association Tasmania and Hobart Mums Network provide multiple opportunities for you to get the word out about your products or services to the local community via Child Health Association member discounts and promotion in our regional weekly "What's On" emails. Advertising fees are kept low so that we can help you mums grow your businesses. For more information please email or download our Sponsorship Package.

Out of respect for those who choose to support the organisation financially through paid advertising, please do not create posts in which you advertise your product or service. This includes- sales, events, discounts or special offers. The exception is the weekly Monday and Friday posts where group members can comment under the thread about their latest deals and celebrate triumphs together.



Many have come to see the $10 annual membership through Child Health Association and thus Business Connect as one of the cheapest forms of networking and advertising that they have experienced. Even those who have never made it to a monthly morning tea or professional development seminar have seen their $10 return several times over through direct business with other group members or referrals from other members.

Don't forget that as a group we offer:

  • Monthly networking morning teas

  • Monthly professional development seminars

  • Exclusive access to our 24/7 Facebook group for support and advice.

  • Weekly promotional posts on our exclusive Facebook group.

  • Weekly celebratory posts on our exclusive Facebook group.

  • Discounted advertising in our weekly "What's On" emails.


How to Join

If this group interests you and you would like to take part, please secure your Child Health Association Tasmania membership. Email with a proof of membership and business name or idea. Christine Jolly will verify your membership and you will shortly receive an email invitation to the exclusive Facebook group for Business Connect.



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Please note all our staff work part-time, so if you don't get a hold of us immediately, we will return your call or email as soon as possible

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