Bringing Up Great Kids

A Reflective Parenting Course

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Bringing Up Great Kids is a national (developed by Australian Childhood Foundation) evidenced-based program that incorporates the latest in brain science, mindfulness and development.


Bringing Up Great Kids is a six week program giving parents the tools to parent even through the most emotional of times.


The Primary Aim of Bringing Up Great Kids is to increase reflective capacity in parents.


From the Australian Childhood Foundation website:


Using the metaphor of ‘Messages’, parents are encouraged to explore and reflect upon the evolution of their parenting style and resources them to examine the messages they pass onto their children through their behavior, interactions and emotional reactions. Parents learn about the brain development of their children and understand how to meet their children’s growing needs. Through the program, they are supported to build attentive communication with children. Parents also reflect on and explore the meaning behind their children’s behaviour and develop an awareness of the cues that trigger off unhelpful or ineffective responses.



During each weekly session expect the following:

  • Welcome and Connect

  • STOP ... PAUSE ... PLAY

  • Mindful Listening

  • Core Activities and Options

  • Self Care

  • Reflective Journalling

  • Storytime

  • Summary


You can be sure ...

  • Individual differences will be treated with respect.

  • There is no perfect recipe to parenting.

  • Sessions will be safe, warm and respectful environments.

  • We will explore ideas, experiences and differences in an enjoyable way.

  • You will enjoy inclusive and interactive experiences.


Our aim is to bring this program to as many Tasmanian families as possible.


Want to arrange a Bringing Up Great Kids program in YOUR area? Encourage your

  • Schools

  • Neighbourhood Houses

  • Community Groups

  • Social Services

  • Churches

to contact us at to discuss how we can bring this evidence-based program to your community.


Cost is purposefully kept to a minimum to encourage maximum participation. (Maximum 12 participants)


Our trained facilitator can deliver this 12 hour (usually 6 x 2 hour sessions) program in your venue for $750 + GST. An extra rate for travel will be charged if your venue is outside the greater Hobart area. Printing of resources is an extra charge of $5 per person, or you may do your own printing.


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