Being Active Matters

Being Active Matters! (Second edition)


The Being Active Matters! (Second edition) booklet and web resources provide parents and carers with ideas on how to set up and play a range of active games that can help children to develop essential movement skills like running and catching. The resources also include information on children’s active play, screen time and healthy snack ideas.


Here are the links to view and download


More information about basic movement skills


This website has video footage relating to the steps of each of the 12 basic movement skills.


A cartoon clip about the importance of developing basic movement skills and health literacy can be found here.


The Move Well Eat Well  program has a range of useful information for parents relating to children’s physical activity and nutrition.


If you would like to know more about the physical activity and screen time recommendations for children, visit this website.


The Being Active Matters booklet and posters were developed by the Child Health Association Tasmania, in partnership with Public Health Services (DHHS), Womensport and Recreation Tasmania, the University of Wollongong and the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC).


The poster resources were funded by Public Health Services, Department of Health and Human Services Tasmania.

The booklet was funded by the Australian Government under the Australian Early Development Index (AEDI) program and supported by the AEDI Co-ordinating Committee. Please note AEDI is now known as the Australian early Development Census (AEDC).





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