What is Family Food Patch?

The Family Food Patch program aims to improve the health and wellbeing of Tasmanian children and families through better nutrition and physical activity participation. Using peer education, the program empowers families and local communities by building and mobilising skills in children’s nutrition, physical activity and community action.

Family Food Patch started because of the clearly identified issues and frustrations that parents in Tasmania were reporting around feeding children. They reported needing to know more about what a healthy diet for children is, how to manage fussy eaters, healthy and delicious snacks and lunchbox ideas, introducing solids and what drinks kids should be having. In later years the physical activity needs of children, and fun ideas to get children active became a key issue identified as well.

Family Food Educators are provided with training and information to assist them to address the common food and physical activity concerns of parents in their local community. They are then encouraged and supported to spread the message about healthy eating and physical activity in their local area.

Since 2001, training has been provided to over 350 parents and community/health workers in 28 different locations throughout Tasmania.

The Family Food Patch program is delivered in partnership between the Child Health Association of Tasmania, and Public Health Services, Department of Health and Human Services. Child Health Association Tasmania received funding from the Crown, through the Department of Health and Human Services, to provide Family Food Patch.


Who are Family Food Educators?

Family Food Educators are volunteer parents and community members of any age with an interest in children’s nutrition and physical activity. Educators come from a variety of different backgrounds, and are often already involved in their community or are interested in sharing their knowledge and experiences with other families. 



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What do Family Food Educators do?


They promote healthy eating and physical activity for children and families in their community. They can do this in a number of ways:


  • → On an informal basis through talking with friends and family;
  • → Promoting healthy messages through their own role modelling;
  • → By being involved with activities that include other parents in their community.


In 2011, we collected 15 Family Food Educator stories to include in the Family Food Patch Storybook. This great resource demonstrates the value of the program and the broad range of ways Family Food Educators share nutrition and physical activity information in their communities.

The program values all of the different ways Family Food Educators spread their message. What they do depends on their interest, time, availability, and community needs.  

In August 2015 we launched our latest Educator Storybook: Helping Tasmanian Families Build Healthy Communities. Watch this space for the link coming soon!






Family Food Patch YouTube Channel
The program team are currently developing a series of short, educational and user friendly video clips on the topics we cover in our Family Food Patch Educator training. These great resources are free for anyone to share with their family, friends, networks and work spaces. The clips are being uploaded to our YouTube channel on a regular basis. Check out ideas on Getting Kids Involved with food, Lunchboxes and Snacks, Introducing Solids, Healthy Smiles, Let's Get Physical and much more!

Nutrition & Physical Activity Toy Boxes
Just a reminder that we have toy boxes full of children's physical activity toys, games, music and books for Family Food Educators to borrow for FREE. The toy box items are a great way to share healthy eating and physical activity messages with groups of children at community events, small gatherings, parties or simply in your own home.

The toys can be borrowed as a whole set or individual pieces at a time. The toy boxes are located in Hobart, Launceston and Devonport, click on the location to see what is in the box nearest to you we can also post you an item or organise a collection/drop off.

Breastfeeding DVD
A great dvd resource has been developed to promote and support breastfeeding for young women by the ACT government. Check out the short film and share these great messages with your networks!

If you are an individual or an organisation that is interested in participating in or bringing the Family Food Patch training to your community, please contact the Program Manager (see details under Contact Us).

Please note that the Family Food Patch program has very strong community support within Tasmania, and as such we get many more requests for training than we currently have the capacity to fulfil. The Program Manager will be happy to discuss your request for training and advise you of our current commitments and plans.

Our next Family Food Patch Educator training will be held at Queenstown Child and Family Centre, starting Monday 9th November. The free training runs for six consecutive Monday's from 9.30am - 2.30pm and adjunct care is available on site. If you would like to register your interest in attending the Family Food Patch course please contact the Program Manager for an Expression of Interest Form.

We will be hosting an informal 'drop in' information session at the Queenstown Child and Family Centre on wednesday 23rd September from 12.30pm - 1.30pm. Come along and have a chat about what the sessions involve and how it might help your family and/or community.




Family Food Patch Program Manager: Emma Rowell
Ph 0438 926 242
Email familyfoodpatch@chatas.com.au



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